Privacy Policy

By using any service provided at the website (also referred to as "charXchange") you agree to the the following privacy policy.

What kinds of data we do collect

There are two types of data that we might collect when you visit

  1. Private data: Your Internet Address, the date and time of your visit and basically everything your browser sends to us (like your kind of browser, your operating system, your browser cookies and so on). If you create an account at charXchange or request an invite code, we will store your email address and a hash of your password as well.
  2. User generated content: All character data you upload to charXchange and everything you put on your player profile (except your email address and password) will be considered your user generated content.

What we will do with your data

First of all, we need the data we collect to run and improve and we will use your data for that purpose.

  • We will use your email address to send you information about your account at charXchange (such as password resets or granted invite requests), activities and notification regarding the campaigns you participate in and important changes at charXchange.
  • We might use your private data for analyses of charXchange's performance, possible security issues or to improve user experience.
  • We will display your user generated content to other users and anonymous visitors at charXchange.
  • We will share your private data and user generated content with third parties like hosting providers for the sole purpose of running
  • We will share your private data with any executive authority if we are obliged to do so by law.
  • If we decide to hand over charXchange as a whole to a third party, we might hand over your private data and your user generated content as well.

What we will NOT do with your data

  • We will not use your email address to send you advertisement information unrelated to charXchange unless you explicitly authorized us to do so.
  • We will not sell your private data to or share your private data with third parties except for the purposes above. This especially means that
  • we will not sell your private data to or share your private data with third parties for the purpose of marketing.

Whom we will share your data with

We will only share your private data with our hosting provider or executive authorities as mentioned above. It's called private data for a reason.

However, we will make your user generated content accessible to almost everybody so regard this data as public and choose wisely what to upload to charXchange.

Deleting your data

We delete all private data attributable to your user profile from our database immediately after the deletion of your account at charXchange. However, your user generated content will still be available to visitors of charXchange but without being connected to you. We will delete your user generated content as well when you ask us to.

Keep in mind that deleted data will persist up to two years in our backups.

Obtaining a copy of your data

You can request a copy of all data we can attribute to you by sending us a request via the mean provided at our contact page. We will try to answer those requests as soon as possible.