Hi, I'm Martin

I'm working as a software developer in Berlin, Germany. Since 2015, I'm developing and operating charXchange as a one man show.

If you like charXchange, it would be great if you would consider supporting me and the ongoing operation and development of charXchange with a donation.

If every active user would support charXchange with 5 to 10 Euros per month, the continued long-term development of charXchange would be secured.

Donate regularly

Small monthly donations are the best gift for any project. That gives long-term perspectives.

Please note that PayPal keeps a small amount of Euro cents per transactions which can be significant when donating small amounts.

Donate spontaneously

If you have some money to spend, spontaneous donations are also very much appreciated. Especially with $holiday right around the corner.



Martin Bober Infotec
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